Anka Society is a platform of sharing and communication among its members. Getting involved in our local, national, and European projects is a way to improve yourself, and bringing the differences together! Our members can access exclusive opportunities. Anka Society active members get involved in at least one activity every 6 months.

Target groups
-13-35 years young people
-Youth workers

Membership Requirements
-Get involved in at least one activity every 6 months;
-Basic level of English;
-Turkish nationality or residence in Turkey.

According to the Anka Legislations, the following situations are not compatible with being an Anka Society member. By requesting the membership you declare on your own responsibility that you are not in one of the situations below and, if proven otherwise, Anka reserves the right to invalidate your membership.
-Activities or intentions connected with political propaganda inside and/or outside the Anka Society;
-Activities or intentions connected with religious propaganda inside and/or outside the Anka Society;
-Connection with discrimination activities or hate speech inside and/or outside the Anka Society.

-Priority to take part in European mobility projects coordinated by ANKA together with the other community members;
-Socializing and improving your competencies (foreign languages, personal development, soft skills, teamwork, leadership);
-Oppportunity to interact with the other Anka Society members (possible cooperation and support);
-After you apply, please add yourself to the Facebook group in order to be accepted automatically if your application gets approved.

( https://www.facebook.com/groups/ankasociety/ )

-Possibility to get a certificate provided by ANKA to testify your volunteer commitment.


Your application will be assessed within 2 weeks by our team. Keep safely the automatic e-mail that you receive with your ANKA-CODE as this will entitle you to:
-Update regularly your profile;
-Apply for the ANKA opportunities (all activities managed by ANKA will request your ANKA-CODE for identification);
-Request the ANKA-CODE account deletion.

You can reach us via info@ankayouthngo.org for further questions.

Social Media: Linktr.ee/ankayouthngo

#ankayouthassociation #webringtheworldtogether

Inspired by GEYC

If you are a Turkish citizen, or living in Turkey; You can apply to be a legal member of Anka Youth Association (Not the Anka Society registration). Please apply below: