ANKA Youth Association always care testimonials to improve itself

Mustafa AKINCI

Anka is a very dynamic group and eager to promote young people. Follow them and catch the opportunities!

İlkay DOST

Anka is an energetic team and they work very well with young people; also, they offers Erasmus + Projects which are the opportunities to meet new cultures and improve your vision.


ANKA Project Team! First of all, thank you for being so supportive on our all Erasmus+ Youth Exchange journey. We couldn't make it without positive team members ! I am more than happy to be in this team.I had the chance of experiencing my first project and I developed myself through it.I get to know so many people and integrated so many thoughts and feelings together . I appreciate all the work for giving opportunities to youth.

Daniel Ozan TOPKAR

I participated in my first Erasmus+ Project thanks to the ANKA Project Team. They are simply very good at what they do. The team as a whole is very helpful and hardworking at an unbelievable level sometimes which really impressed me.


Amazing team with awesome projects. I have following for a while and on April I had chance to participate one of their project which was great. The team is really good with hardworking, brilliant and nice people.

Dilara ÇATI

An amazing project group with amazing youth workers 🙂


A great experience for me. I meet new people, new cultures, new countries etc. it is like a great opportunity. Myself very developed. They helped us before the project, also after the project. A great team, great people, everything was great. We can bring the world, together!


Great team, great people! The team is so helpful and encouraging in every step during the project. If you are looking for new experiences, welcome to ANKA Project Team!


Thanks for the all days ! Lovely people and team made an amazing project ! 🙂


I will never forget that we created together! If you have any dilemmas, just leave every prejudice aside, and pack your things, get ready to travel and discover with ANKA!


The team is really energetic, productive, and successful with members who are helpful, easygoing, and fun. This project has contributed me a lot in a way that I have learnt new things and made lots of good friends. I appreciate the team for welcoming me and giving me a chance to participate. I wish to be part of them all the time.


This project was my first project. This inspirational project was an excellent experience for me. I had a lot of friends from many countries. They were so sincere. I went only one country but I feel like as if I travelled many countries. I am so glad to be with the team. They helped me about everthing before and during the project.


Mükemmel bir proje dönemi geçirdik. Her konuda yardımcı olan, girişimci ve açık fikirli insanlar tarafından yönetiliyor. Her şey için teşekkürler ve başarılar diliyorum.

Önder Can ASAL

Tiyatrosundan müziğine hemen hemen her konuda konuşup muhabbet edebileceğiniz, kendini sürekli geliştiren içten insanlar tarafından kurulan bir organizasyon. Ellerinden gelen her türlü konuda yardım etmeye çalışan bu insanlara teşekkür ediyorum ve başarılar diliyorum.