Youth 4 Green Earth

Arrival day: 12.09.2023
Departure day: 20.09.2023
Project type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
Venue Saint-Georges-d’Oléron, France
Participants: 12 participants from Türkiye
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association


The main goal of the project ‘Youth 4 Green Earth’ is to motivate young people to live their lives
in a more green and sustainable way. Overall, we can say that young people are aware of the
importance of protecting nature and addressing ecological issues but at the same time, there is
a big step to apply the knowledge in daily life: to use the most ecological way of transport, to
buy local products if possible, to use a glass bottle, to limit using of plastic, to check out the
origin of our clothes and in overall to reduce overconsumption that is much present in our lives.


To increase knowledge of the participants on practical aspects of living a more green and
sustainable lifestyle (to compare practices in participating countries, to address various
aspects of daily life: transport, accommodation, cooking, free time activities);
● To inspire the participants to live more green and sustainable lifestyles and to transfer
their attitude to their communities through a series of online and ‘face to face’ activities;
● To create at least 10 short tutorials on practical aspects of living green, sustainable
lifestyle e.g. aspects of food, cooking, transport, accommodation, recycling;
● To create a practical online handbook with tips, articles, and resources on green,
sustainable lifestyles in English;
● To increase the digital competencies of the participants through work on tutorials,
online handbook and content for the project website and social media;
● To organize 2 local actions in each participating country with the aim to share lessons
learned, and practical tips and inspire others to live more green, sustainable lifestyles;
● To provide the participants of youth exchange an opportunity to work on the
development of competencies described in YouthPass;
● To increase the knowledge of the participants in the Erasmus+ Programme and to
encourage the development of new projects;
● To give an opportunity to young people with fewer opportunities to take part in
international youth mobility and to promote their active involvement.


The Target group of youth exchange are young people in age 18 to 25 (a limited number
of the participants will be in age 25 to 30) who will strongly demonstrate their interest in
the set objectives of YE. Previous experiences in the field of green life and sustainability
will not be required but a strong interest to share lessons learned, to take part in local
activities will be essential. Taking into consideration the target groups of participating
organizations the participants might belong:
❖ To the group of students who finished their high school education, students of
❖ To the group of young people who are working in various positions or on the other side
who struggling to find a job.
❖ To the group of young people who are actively involved in the activities of participating
organizations and their local or international activities;
❖To the group of young people belonging to the participants with fewer opportunities.


In the heart of the village of Domino, in the town of Saint-Georges-d’Oléron, the Domino is a
Scol’Voyages centre. Refurbished, it offers a large plot of 3000m² and is located 500 meters from
the beach. The Domino is made up of 3 buildings: 2 for the bedrooms and 1 for the dining room
and the kitchen. Suitable for any type of group, the rooms are arranged as follows: 8 rooms that
can accommodate 4 people and 16 rooms of 2. Almost all rooms have a private bathroom.
There are also 35 places in Marabout tents, equipped with beds, mattresses, wardrobes and
electricity. This arrangement is ideal for distributing and managing groups of young people
during their multi-activity stay, or groups during the summer holidays.


Travel budget for Türkiye is 360€ for each participant

– Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
– All other transportation-related bills
All refunding procedures will be done after the project and directly to your
association, which is the official partner of the project. No possibility of individual refund
(thank you for your understanding).

We need you to buy round trip tickets, and send us a copy by email before arriving here, IF
POSSIBLE. We advise you to buy your tickets as soon as possible so that it fits in our limited
budget for 100% reimbursement.
We kindly ask you to save all documents (original tickets, boarding passes, invoices or bills with
the ticket price) which are related to your travel, since the documentation background is
obligatory for reimbursement.
IMPORTANT: We cannot refund any travel costs done by TAXI according to the rules of the
Erasmus+ Programme.
After sending tickets and boarding cards, participants will receive reimbursement for their travel
costs. Travel (flights, other means of transport) expenses are compensated (up to 100%), based
on the actual expenses incurred and the distance from your location of residence to the location
of the project. These distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by
the European Commission. We will transfer the reimbursement to the sending organisation
which will be responsible to distribute the money according to the participant’s travel expenses.
We are not able to reimburse the missing tickets!
Please note if you buy your tickets in a currency other than EUROs, we will convert
the amount into EUROs according to the current exchange rates found at the
official European Commission website:
Participants must travel from the country of the sending organisation and back.
Following the guidelines of the Erasmus+ Programme the travel back must be
realized by the participants in a direct way within a maximum of 2 days.


During the activity, the participants will be provided with three meals per day. Please inform us
in the application form about your food preferences and needs (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, food


Prepare your workshops before coming:

  • Search about Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects, what are they? For whom?
  • Find creative methods for introducing your own culture for cultural nights and bring food, souvenirs, clothes, music, etc. specific to your country.
  • Prepare your team workshop which will be held in our project with all your team members in France.

– Laptop (at least one per organization).
– European Health Insurance Card.
– If you are using medicines or have allergies, bring your medicines with you and inform the
project team.

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: “Youth 4 Green Earth–Question