Call for 3 Turkish Participants for Erasmus+ Training Course “YOUTH PARTICIP’ACTION’’ in Toulouse/France

Arrival day: 08.07.2023
Departure day: 15.07.2023
Project type: Erasmus+, Training Course
Venue: Toulouse/France
Participants: 3 participants (+18-30)
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association, Turkey,
Certification: Youthpass, recognized at the European level


The “YOUTH PARTICIP’ACTION” project is a mobility of youth workers in the framework of the
Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program, which mainly aims at providing youth workers with a toolkit to
encourage youth participation in their local communities. In a world of constant change and
with an ever-changing ever-changing youth population, promoting youth participation is one of
the biggest challenges for professionals (youth workers, educators, etc.) professionals (youth
workers, educators, teachers, facilitators, etc.) who work with this collective.
One of the most worrying aspects for the organizations and people working with this collective
is to motivate youth to get involved and engage in participation in their local communities. We
need to keep in mind that that the interests and motivations of young people today are different
from those of 5 or 10 years ago, which is why youth work youth work requires continuous
retraining, renewal and finding new ways to generate quality proposals.
generate quality proposals. Effective youth participation is a process that requires time, energy
and commitment.
It is not enough to create participation mechanisms among young people, but to motivate them,
so it is very important to It is therefore very important to know the demands, interests and needs
of the group we are going to work with. Thus, we must take into account social reality that has
undergone a notable change in our relationships, in the sharing of information, and even in the
and even in the way of participating so that our proposals of intervention and action obtain good
Regarding the transformations that the participation of young people has undergone, it can be
noted that digital technologies have, today, made it possible to technologies have given way to
new forms of organization and to a faster and more immediate communication.
immediate communication. On the one hand, the information circulates through different
channels and allows young people to have various contents and sources, making them more
critical and sources, making them more critical and less manipulable; while, on the other hand,
social networks amplify opportunities to participate in public life and, potentially, to generate
political and social changes.
Ultimately, it is a matter of meeting the necessary conditions for youth participation: having
ideas to encourage to be motivated by the participatory fact, to have a good associative
organization that promotes promoting participatory processes and training youth workers in
community empowerment.
The main objectives that we want to achieve in this project are:
1. Identify and reflect on the problems of motivation and participation that young people face
in their local communities, to understand how we can intervene in their environment and reality,
2. To know the different levels of participation that young people go through in order to create
resources adapted to each of them to create resources adapted to each of them,
3. To exchange experiences, good practices and tools to build participatory processes with
groups of young people from different European countries to actively involve them in their
local communities,
4. Develop a guide of tools and techniques to promote, work and implement actions of a
participatory nature according to the different levels of youth participation,
5. Create a network of associations to develop future projects in collaboration with the youth of
our communities,


– The Training Course will be attended by 22 participants from 7 different countries: Spain,
Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey and France.
– Balanced group between boys and girls.
– Basic knowledge of English


Résidence Universitaire Arsenal
2, Bd Armand Duportal
31000, Toulouse
Please read carefully the rules:
– Participants will stay in single bedroom with a private bathroom.
– Shower gel and shampoo are not provided.
– There is a hair dryer, washing machine and iron.
– There is no time limit to leave the house and come back at night.
– It’s forbidden to make noise at night from midnight to 8.00 a.m.
– It’s forbidden to smoke and to consume alcohol in the bedroom. You can do it outside the
– Participants have to respect facilities, the rooms and the common areas. If you break
something, the administration staff may ask to pay for it.


We will refund you based on actual costs incurred and on presentation:- invoice of the
plane ticket
– Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
– All other transportation-related bills
All refunding procedures will be done after the exchange project and directly to your
association, which is the official partner of the project. No possibility of individual refund
(thank you for your understanding).

  • Travel expenses up to 360€ will be reimbursed.


The participants will be provided with three meals. Lunch and dinner will be delivered every
day by Afroevents’ team at the time defined for it. For the Free day the participants will receive
a picnic bag.
For any special food needs, allergies or diets, we would appreciate that you take your time to
mention it on the application form you received.
The participants will carry out some daily tasks such as helping to set the table for lunch or
dinner. The goal is to make this moment a time of exchange and share. If this organization does
not suit, you can talk to us, we will find another solution.
– All the participants are expected to participate fully in all activities, unless you have health
Unauthorized absence from activities and workshops is not permitted.
– The workshops are carried out and led so that all participants can share their point of view.
We expect you to be very participative and fully involved in the activities.


– The presentation of your organization. We recommend you to bring some flyers,
promotional materials, videos, photos, etc., about your organization. You must be able to
present your organization during one of the workshops (“NGO Market”).
– The intercultural dinner. This event is a special moment of the project; we will discover
each country through some gastronomic specialities (food and/or drinks). You are free to
prepare whatever you want. You can cook a traditional meal such as a starter, a main meal, or
a dessert, or you can bring some traditional delights. If you decide to cook, please let us know
before, so we can manage to provide you the tools you need. The meal that you will prepare
has to be a simple one because you will have around 2 hours to cook it. You can bring the
ingredients you will need for the preparation (a fridge will be available). If you need to buy the
ingredients, please inform us in advance so we can manage the schedule to have time to do the
– Energizers. Participants will carry out an “energizer” during the Training Course before
starting the workshops.
– The intercultural evenings. Each country group will have to organize a cultural evening,
where they will have to present some elements of their culture, in any way they want (sketch,
songs, presentation, game, map, posters, and postcards about your country/region/town…). You
can use PowerPoint or any other visual medium for your presentation, you are totally free!

– Laptop (at least one per organization).
– Personal hygienic kit and towel.
– European Health Insurance Card.
– If you are using medicines or have allergies, bring your medicines with you and inform the
project team.

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: “YOUTH PARTICIP’ACTION” Project –Question