Call For 3 Turkish Participants For “Intercultural Mediation Through Sport” Erasmus+ Training Course Angouleme/France

Arrival day: 22.11.2021
Departure day: 30.11.2021
Project type: Erasmus+, TC
Venue: Paris, France
Participants: 3 participants
Sending organisation: Anka Youth Association, Turkey,
Certification: Youthpass, recognized at European level

Project description

The project “Intercultural Mediation through Sport” is a mobility of youth workers in
the framework of the Erasmus+ program. The main objective of this project is to
provide youth workers working in sports associations and/or working in culturally
mixed areas with a set of tools and instruments such as sports, to encourage
communication and intercultural dialogue among young people in their local
The specific objectives of this project are the following:
1. To promote communication, socialization and intercultural dialogue through sport.
2. To promote sport as a tool for intercultural learning and integration of young people
with less privileged opportunities.
3. To exchange experiences, good practices and methodological tools related to sport
and interculturality.
4. To create a network of partnerships committed to sport and interculturality in future
5. To promote the use of the Erasmus+ programme as a tool for the development of
intercultural skills in young people.
Thus, with this project, we want to promote sport as a method of intercultural
dialogue and learning in order to accept diversity in all sectors of society, especially
among young people.
Youth workers will have the opportunity to exchange good practices and methods to
be used in their local, national and international activities and projects for better
quality. They will be able to share intercultural learning with other members of their
organisation or to prepare young people from their local community who wish to
participate in international mobility projects.
The young workers will return to their countries with new knowledge on
interculturality and sport and new skills and tools to improve their daily work with
young people in their organizations.
– The Training Course will be attended by 25 participants from 6 different countries:
France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Slovenia.
Each organization will participate in the training with two or three youth workers and
one youth with fewer opportunities.
– Youth workers, who work in sports associations and/or work in culturally mixed or
professional areas, who are in contact with young people with fewer opportunities in
their organizations as group leaders, trainers, mentors, etc. No age limit will be set for
these participants.
– Young people with fewer opportunities who are discriminated against, mainly for
cultural and/or social reasons. Youth with fewer opportunities will be between 18 and
30 years of age.
– Balanced group between boys and girls.
– Basic knowledge of English or Spanish.

All the participants are expected to participate fully in all activities, unless you are ill. Unauthorized
absence from activities and workshops is not permitted.
The workshops are done and run, so that all the participants will be able to share their point of
view. We expect you to be very participative and involved in the Training Course – TC and
with the subject.
If less than 80% of the program is attended, it will not be possible to be reimbursed for the
international travel costs.
The workshops are done by groups, depending on theme of the workshop, the groups can be
mixed or not.

Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden
The working languages of the project will be Spanish and English. A translator and
interpreter will be available during the entire duration of the project. The pedagogical
team has also some domain of French and Italian.
– The participants should arrive on the 22nd of November 2021. The departure will
take place on 30th of November 2021 after breakfast.
– Please note that you cannot arrive later or leave earlier. According to Erasmus+
rules, you have the right to stay for 2 extra days, but Erasmus+ program do not
provide funds for these 2 extra days. So if you plan to stay for 2 extra days, keep in
mind that you will pay for accommodation and food out of your own pocket.
The Training Course will take place in Angoulême, the capital of
the Charente department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwestern France.
Located on a plateau overlooking a meander of the river Charente, the city is
nicknamed the “balcony of the southwest”. The city proper’s population is a little less
than 42,000 but it is the centre of an urban area of 110,000 people extending more
than fifteen kilometres from east to west.
Formerly the capital of Angoumois in the Ancien Régime, Angoulême was a fortified
town for a long time, and was highly coveted due to its position at the centre of many
France Germany Italy Slovenia Sweden Turkey
roads important to communication, so therefore it suffered many sieges. From its
tumultuous past, the city, perched on a rocky spur, inherited a large historical,
religious, and urban heritage which attracts a lot of tourists.
Nowadays, Angoulême is at the centre of an agglomeration, which is one of the most
industrialised regions between Loire and Garonne (the paper industry was established
in the 16th century, a foundry and electromechanical engineering developed more
It is also a commercial and administrative city with its own university of technology,
and a vibrant cultural life. This life is dominated by the Angoulême International
Comics Festival, the FFA Angoulême Francophone Film Festival and the Musiques
Métisses Festival that contribute substantially to the international renown of the city.
Moreover, Angoulême hosts 40 animation and video game studios that produce half
of France’s animated production. Currently the city is developing filming for both
French television and cinema. Wes Anderson chose Angoulême for his next movie at
the end of 2018.
Angoulême is called “Ville de l’Image” which means literally “City of the Image”.The
commune has been awarded four flowers by the National Council of Towns and
Villages in Bloom in the Competition of cities and villages in Bloom.
Route de Saint-Michel 16400 – La Couronne
Food and Needs

The participants will be provided with three meals. You will have breakfast at the
hotel. TESEA team will be in charge of lunch and dinner, as well as coffee breaks.
Lunch and dinner will be delivered every day by our team at the time defined for it.
For any special food needs, allergies or diets, we’d appreciate that you take your time
to mention it on the application form that you received.
The participants will carry out some daily tasks as the dish washing. This task will be
done by groups of 3 people, changing every day. The goal is to make of this moment a
time of exchange and share. If this organization doesn’t suit, you can talk to us, we
will find another solution. A schedule will be proposed and displayed in the activity

– Accommodation costs (program activities, food, and accommodation) are covered
by Erasmus+ Program.
– TESEA will not take charge of PCR tests or antigen tests but we will accept to
include it in travel packages, if it does not exceed the authorized amount. In France,
the PASS’SANITAIRE (with vaccination) or a PCR or Antigen test of less than 72
hours will be required. (decision of the French Government).

What to bring with you For this project, we kindly ask you to prepare in advance these 3 events:

  1. The presentation of your organization. We demand you to bring clear information about the main activities of your organization, so that you can present it at the organization gallery during the training course.
  2. The cultural evening. Each country group will have to organize a cultural evening, where you will have to present some elements of your culture, in any way you want (sketch, songs, presentation, game, map, posters, and postcards about your country/ region/town…). You can use PowerPoint or any other visual medium for your presentation, you are totally free!
  3. The international coffee. This event is a special moment of this project, we will discover each country by some gastronomic specialties (food and/or drinks). You are free to do whatever you want. You can cook a traditional meal such as a starter, a main meal, or a dessert, or you can bring some traditional delights. If you decide to cook, please prevent as before, so we can manage to provide you the tools you will need. The meal that you will prepare has to be a simple one because you will have around 2 hours to cook it. If you want to bring the ingredients you will need, it’s possible, we will have fridge, if need. If it’s not possible, thanks for informing us in advance so we can manage to have time to go shop. You also need to bring: ✓ Laptop ✓ Personal hygienic kit and towel set ✓ medicine that you usually take ✓ Your artistic skills! Any talent that you can share with us, which you definitely will need during creativity workshops.

         Travel cost and reimbursements We will refund you based on actual costs incurred and on presentation of:

  • Invoice of the plane ticket
  • Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
  • All other transportation-related bills
  • All refunding procedures will be done after the training project and directly to your sending association, which is the official partner of the project.
  • Project timeline:
  • Apply here.
  • Beginning of November 2021 – the  participants will be required to arrange their travel, with ANKA’s support; NOTE FOR THIS PROJECT YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BUY YOUR TICKETS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SELECTION DONE.
  • 22th  of November 2021- 30th of November 2021 – the TC takes place;
  • Within 7 days after the TC, assuring project visibility and dissemination of results according to;

Financial details:

The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs, materials.
  • Transport cost up to 360 EUR per participant (Note: the reimbursement will be done after the project by bank transfer).

Participants will be required to cover:

  • (if needed) medical insurance;
  • Covid Test
  • (if needed) any other personal costs.

What to bring, what to prepare:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, any medicine you think you will need;
  • Prepare to present your organisation at professional level.
  • Prepare to present local culture and traditions;
  • Please bring traditional food and drinks for the intercultural evening.

Other important information:

  • In order to start their travel, Turkish participants should own a valid passport and visa or Green passport; this project is only open for people who have EU citizenship, EU Residency or Green passport (service), however priority will be given to those having EU citizenship, or EU Residency due to covid 19 pandemic and travel restrictions (if occurs). For this project participants are expected to buy their travel tickets after the selection process, please take this into consideration.
  • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants;
  • In order to be eligible, Turkish participants should start their travel from Turkey.
  • The selected participants will need to assure the visibility & dissemination of results for this project:;
  • Deadline to apply: 6 November 2021

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: Sport Project – Questions”