Call for 5 Turkish Participants for Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Mind Your Business+’’ in Weicherdange/Luxembourg

Arrival day: 16.05.2022
Departure day: 24.05.2022
Project type: Erasmus+, Training Course
Venue: Weicherdange, Luxembourg
Participants: 4 participants (18-30), + 1 Group Leader (+18)
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association, Turkey,
Certification: Youthpass, recognized at the European level


The current economic conditions have a pessimistic outlook, especially in the short term, making NEETs (young people not in employment, education, or training) even more vulnerable. However, such times also offer a new gateway as an opportunity for young people to explore entrepreneurship. The latter has become more approachable due to the multiplication of online free resources and the ability to start a business with low or no initial peculiar investment. Many youths are discouraged, believing that such opportunities are hard to reach, showcasing that entrepreneurial learning needs a change of mindset. The essential elements of an entrepreneurial mindset are the aspects of curiosity, perseverance, expression, and experimentation. Each of these behaviors and skills can be inculcated very early on in a young person’s education and upbringing. Besides, entrepreneurial learning for young people is highly beneficial, in addition to finding out how to start a business, they acquire practical skills, and positive attitudes such as greater awareness of society, a sharpened appetite for active engagement, and confidence to play a part. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop measures to promote youth entrepreneurship, with the potential to make them independent and facilitate their transition to adulthood. The main aim of the project is to develop the entrepreneurial competencies of young people. The project specifically targets young people who are excluded and at risk of poverty, NEETs, unemployed, with precarious jobs, who want to change their job, who wish to change their employment situation, or want to develop their entrepreneurial competencies. The project aims to solve the problem of lack of initiative and participation of young people, which promotes their exclusion, disintegration or dissatisfaction with society (with a special focus on education and training systems, internships, or work). This can be transformed through the development of the eight core competencies in young people, with a particular focus on promoting entrepreneurial skills.
The youth exchange will take place in SNJ Weicherdange which is a youth centre in the north of Luxembourg. The participants will be in shared rooms. The venue has good standards ensuring quality delivery of our youth exchange, the meals will be prepared and taken in the same venue. Towels are
provided. Toiletries are not provided. Since we’re having the venue only for
us, that will be our house for 9 days, we expect everyone to contribute in making it
a successful and lively experience, indeed some cleaning is required for the common
areas and the dishes is expected. There will be hence a division, where each group is
responsible for a specific day’s care tasks. We will hire a bus to organise a
pick-up from Charleroi Airport (Brussels) to the venue and back for all the participants to
arrive before dinner time on 16th may, and leave early on 24th may. This itinerary lasts 2 hours.

Financial details: The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs, and materials.
  • Transport costs based on Erasmus+ rules will be provided. (Note: the reimbursement will be done after the project by bank transfer to Anka Youth Association).

Participants will be required to cover: 

  • Medical insurance;
  • (if needed) any other personal costs.

What to bring, what to prepare:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, any medicine you think you will need;
  • Prepare to present your organization at a professional level;
  • A refillable bottle for water;
  • Prepare to present local culture and traditions;
  • Please bring traditional food and drinks for the intercultural evening.

Other important information:

  • In order to start their travel, Turkish participants should own a valid passport and visa. This call is only open for participants with valid visa to travel Luxembourg.
  • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants;
  • In order to be eligible, Turkish participants should start their travel from Turkey.
  • The selected participants will need to assure the visibility & dissemination of results for this project:;
  • Deadline to apply: 15 February 2023, please note that the applications can close before the deadline based on the relevance of the applicants. 

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: MindYourBusiness+ Project –Questions”