Call For 6 Turkish Participants For “Youth Agrihacking Talent” Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project Nea Kallikratia-Halkidiki/Greece

Arrival day: 10.02.2022
Departure day: 17.02.2022
Project type: Erasmus+, Youth Exchange
Venue: Nea Kallikratia(Halkidiki), Greece
Participants: 6 participants
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association, Turkey,
Certification: Youthpass, recognized at the European level

The Youth Exchange is the main activity of the project for young people coming from 7 European countries that share common concerns and goals. The project aims to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants regarding the entrepreneurship in agricultural industry. The Youth Exchange meets the objectives of the project by giving the opportunity for young people to spend time in intercultural environment, get connected and active on local, national and international level as well as become more aware of different cultures, traditions and attitudes of young people coming from different countries.

The project is focused on youth empowerment in Agricultural sector.

Project’s objectives & aims

  • Development of participants’ skills and knowledge (e.g. how to start a career/ create a business in the agricultural industry).
  • Discussion of the following issues (a) factors that lead to high unemployment rates & (b) difficulty of creating new businesses in the agricultural sector.
  • Creation & involvement in social and cultural campaigns related to the topic
  • Promotion of teamwork, collaboration, active participation, social skills
  • Promotion of common understanding, multicultural dialogue & activism of young people on local, regional, national and international level

Participants Profile:

  • Motivated young people, aged between 18 and 30 years old with different level of international experience
  • At least basic English level
  • Participants per country: 6 (including group leader)
  • 43 participants in total

Further Details:

  • During the Youth Exchange leaders will coordinate workshops leaded with involvement of all
  • Every day we will have cleaning groups for cleaning up the working
  • Please get prepared for the intercultural evening: please bring food, snacks, drinks, brochures, music, traditional clothes etc. Also Prepare a presentation for your It can be a Power-point, a quiz, traditional songs, dances & games.
  • Do not forget to bring one laptop/ country

The project will take place in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki.

The participants will be accommodated at:

Hotel Atlantis

Ioanni Avgeridi 35,

Néa Kallikrátia, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Accommodation will be in 2, 3 or 4 beds
  • Participants will be accommodated with people from different countries

Travel cost and reimbursements 

We will refund you based on actual costs incurred and on the presentation of:

  • Invoice of the plane ticket
  • Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
  • All other transportation-related bills
  • All refunding procedures will be done after the training project and directly to your sending association, in this case to Anka Youth Association, which is the official partner of the project.

Project timeline:

  • Apply here.
  • Beginning of January 2022 – the  participants will be required to arrange their travel, with ANKA’s support; NOTE FOR THIS PROJECT YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BUY YOUR TICKETS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SELECTION DONE.
  • 10th  of February 2022- 17th of February22021 – the YE takes place;
  • Within 7 days after the TC, assuring project visibility and dissemination of results according to;

Financial details:

The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs, materials.
  • Transport cost based on Erasmus+ rules per participant up to 275 Euros (Note: the reimbursement will be done after the project by bank transfer to Anka Youth Association).

Participants will be required to cover:

  • (if needed) medical insurance;
  • (if needed) Covid Test
  • (if needed) any other personal costs.

What to bring, what to prepare:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, any medicine you think you will need;
  • Prepare to present your organisation at a professional level.
  • Prepare to present local culture and traditions;
  • Please bring traditional food and drinks for the intercultural evening.

Other important information:

  • In order to start their travel, Turkish participants should own a valid passport and visa or a Green passport; this project is only open for people who have EU citizenship, EU Residency, Green passport (service), or people who have a valid visa to travel Greece. For this project participants are expected to buy their travel tickets immediately after the selection process, please take this into consideration.
  • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants;
  • In order to be eligible, Turkish participants should start their travel from Turkey.
  • The selected participants will need to assure the visibility & dissemination of results for this project:;
  • Deadline to apply: 25 December 2021, please note that the applications can close before the deadline based on the relevance of the applicants. 

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: Youth Agrihacking Talent Project – Questions”