#EcoSmart: Building Smart and Green Communities

Arrival day: 24.08.2023
Departure day: 01.09.2023
Project type: Erasmus+ Training Course
Venue: Stuttgart, Germany
Participants: 5 participants
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association and Jugendvision.ev


Through the #EcoSmart: Building Smart and Green Communities” project, we aim to provide youth workers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to promote peace education and conflict resolution among young people.

The project’s pilot implementation phase will provide an opportunity for participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills by designing and implementing peace education activities with young people in their communities.


To train youth workers in the development and implementation of sustainable smart city solutions, using digital technologies.

To provide youth workers with the opportunity to develop their own projects related to smart cities and sustainable development, and receive mentoring and support to help them implement their ideas.

To raise awareness about the importance of sustainable smart cities among youth workers and inspire young people to take action in their own communities.

provide opportunities for youth workers to connect and collaborate with each other, exchange of best practices while fostering intercultural understanding and communication.

To contribute to the EU’s goal of achieving a more sustainable and inclusive urban development and fostering the development of smart cities across Europe.


– The project will be attended by 4 participants for each country including team leaders 18+ from Germany, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Spain, North Macedonia, France, Bulgaria and Latvia, ages 18+
– Balanced group between boys and girls.

  • Interested in sustainability
  • Interested in building community
  • Creative, active and ready to learn and share!


Participants will be accommodated in Hotel Geissler, which is located in the city center in the lively Bad Cannstatt neighborhood of Stuttgart. The Bad Cannstatt S-Bahn Station is a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Geissler


Travel budget for Turkish participants is 360 eur for each.

We will refund you based on actual costs incurred and on presentation:- invoice of the
plane ticket
– Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
– All other transportation-related bills
All refunding procedures will be done after the project and directly to your
association, which is the official partner of the project. No possibility of individual refund
(thank you for your understanding).


The participants will be provided with three meals.


– Laptop (at least one per organization).
– European Health Insurance Card.
– If you are using medicines or have allergies, bring your medicines with you and inform the
project team.

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: “EcoSmart–Question