StArt of Solidarity

Arrival day: 07.08.2023
Departure day: 15.08.2023
Project type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
Venue: Stuttgart, Germany
Participants: 5 participants
Sending organization: Anka Youth Association ve Jugendvision.ev


Through art, we can raise awareness of the issue of racism and its impact on our society. Our art can serve as a powerful voice in speaking out against racism and contributing to a more just and equitable world. We must continue to leverage the power of art to bring about meaningful change and inspire others to join us in our fight against discrimination and racism.


Overcoming racism and discrimination through arts and non-formal learning methods

Using the arts as a way of communication and dialogue, to help break down prejudices and build bridges between people

Explore different cultures and perspectives, and learn to see the world from new and different angles

Foster cooperation between youth organisations with European programmes

Challenge racism, inspire people to take action against it; promote solidarity, inclusion and equality; Leave no one behind.


– The project will be attended by 36 participants for each country including team leaders 18+ from Germany, Turkey, Romania, Italy, France, Slovenia and Georgia, ages between 18-26.
– Balanced group between boys and girls.

  • Interested in Solidarity, Human Rights and Equality
  • Interested in Arts
  • Ready to say NO and #SOS to racism and discrimination
  • Creative, active and ready to learn and share!


Participants will be accommodated in Hotel Geissler, which is located in the city center in the lively Bad Cannstatt neighborhood of Stuttgart. The Bad Cannstatt S-Bahn Station is a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Geissler


We will refund you based on actual costs incurred and on presentation:- invoice of the
plane ticket
– Boarding Pass with the clear mention of the passenger
– All other transportation-related bills
All refunding procedures will be done after the project and directly to your
association, which is the official partner of the project. No possibility of individual refund
(thank you for your understanding).


The participants will be provided with three meals.


Prepare your workshops before coming:

  • Search about Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects, what are they? For whom?
  • Find creative methods for introducing your own culture for cultural nights and bring food, souvenirs, clothes, music, etc. specific to your country.
  • Prepare your team workshop which will be held in our project with all your team members in Stuttgart.

– Laptop (at least one per organization).
– European Health Insurance Card.
– If you are using medicines or have allergies, bring your medicines with you and inform the
project team.

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: “StArt of Solidarity–Question