Last modified: 26 August 2020


Guide to ensuring the visibility of European Mobilities


Ensuring the visibility of Erasmus+ projects is a basic obligation of the non-refundable financing contract. Participants in mobility projects as well as the sending organization (ANKA) are responsible for ensuring it through the channels available.

Failure to ensure visibility, inadequate or late assurance entitles ANKA, the host organization, the National Agency, the audit authorities and/or the European Commission to order at any time the partial or full recovery of the expenses occasioned (accommodation, meals, activities, transport costs). To meet the needs of European mobility participants, ANKA has prepared this detailed guide where all the necessary information is available.


  Individual level Organizational Level (ANKA)
  Personal profile of Facebook, Twitter, blog, personal site etc. and posting on Anka Society Group     Instagram’s personal profile     Facebook page @ankayouthngo     Website     Instagram, @ankayouthngo
before mobility   nice to have   nice to have   nice to have     nice to have
during mobility   nice to have   must have   must have     must have
after the end of mobility   nice to have   nice to have   must have   nice to have   Must have

Membership in the ANKA Society

If you are not already part of the community, by selecting one of the projects you have guaranteed and entering the community, where you will stay up to date with ANKA activities, as well as you will be able to communicate about your project. In this regard, we invite you to join the group and contact the representative of the ANKA team in charge of your project to validate your entry into the community.


Posting on your own channels (individual level)

Mobility elements will be harnessed: photos, links, quotes. Each of these will have:

  • must have: the hashtags “#ankayouthngo” and “#webrintheworldtogether” and/or tag to the FACEBOOK Facebook page; If your project uses your own hashtag, it should also be added.
  • nice to have: „#ErasmusPlus”, „#youthexchange”, „#trainingcourse”, „#EVS”;

Posting to your Instagram account

Photos, videos, gifs, etc. will be posted in the form of stories, on their own channels, with an emphasis on the learning side and intercultural evening. The ANKA Instagram account will be mentioned in the story so you can retrieve the content – @ankayouthngo.

  • must have: mention of the account @ankayouthngo and/or hashtags #ankayouthngo and #webrintheworldtogether, tag to the project location, mention of the project in which it participates and description of what happens in pictures, videos, etc.

Post on the ANKA Facebook page or in the ANKA Society

Group photos (resolution: minimum 600X600) from departure (e.g. station, airport) and during activities will be published directly on the ANKA pages, preferably in real time along with a few descriptive words (at least the name of the project, the locality, the country) will be specified.

We recommend posting photos 2-3 times during the project. In the case of groups with more than one participant, it shall be decided at group level who is in charge of publishing. After posting them on Facebook, we recommend tagging people who appear and sharing (share) your post on your individual profile. WARNING! The photos submitted must be original (not to have been posted previously on the internet).


Posting on the Facebook page of ANKA (

At the end of the mobility, each participant will write an article in Turkish or English (of their choice) describing their experience, activities in which they took part and motivating other participants to decide to take part in similar projects; or prepare a movie about their experience, activities in which they took part and motivating other participants to decide to take part in similar projects from 90 seconds up to 5 minutes. The article will be posted directly on the ANKA social media and webpage, alongside with a descriptive photo, preferably by the group (don’t forget to tag everyone involved).

Deadline: within 7 days of returning to the country.

Tips for writing attractive articles and videos

  • Tell a story, describe an experience, do not present any dry, inanimate facts/activities;
  • Avoid long numerals, they are hard to follow;
  • Write correctly and check the expression before sending!
  • It is also recommended to mention the host organization in the post (tag to their Facebook page).

Attention! Attachment of Word documents or articles to the ANKA Society is not a dissemination/visibility activity, as the Community is a closed group. The article must be posted directly on the ANKA Social Media Channels and website. Therefore, all of them should be sent to as a video or word document within 7 days after the project.

  • Address:
  • subject: project name / locality / country;


  • must have: the hashtags “#ankayouthngo” and “#webringtheworldtogether”;
  • nice to have: „#ErasmusPlus”, „#youthexchange”, „#trainingcourse”, „#EVS”, “#ESC”;