A “Peace” of You


The peace in the world should be the most necessary thing for live together with humanity.History teached it to us and also its teaching everyday too.We are the only creatures which is love each other and hate each other for nothing.For my opinion,the babies born with full of pure love without any hate but the people are changing them , not this world and this nature.We have to learn how we can respect someone , tolerance someone and love someone thats all what we need.If this things were happened there wouldn’t be wars and fights between anyone.We have feelings and emotions , thats our most dangerous weapons and also thats our best friends who is make us happy.We can develop our tolerance against to different people and it can make it more peaceful our relationships.Actually We have to learn how can we live in this world with other people peacefully.If We dont’t We can’t live without wars and fights.The people can be different than us but it doesn’t change anything , they have same rights as we have.Thats the most important point.The people are just trying to survive and make happy theirselves so the only way for do it is learn to how they live in peace with the other people.Also We can help to other people for make happy them and make safe them.These things also can help us for to be happy.Happiness is still the only secret which is not general and which is still unknown.Everyone has different opinions and ways for it.As i said the way to be happy is make happy people.When you see someone’s smiles it means there are still good things in this world and it means that humanity’s life time grow up some because of someone’s smile.The most important way to create peace is happiness and tolerance(As we learnt from the last project).Tolerate the people firstly need respect and when we see some people respect and tolerate us it become happiness.As We know there are bad and good people in this world but its our only choice that live in peace if we want to earth live.We are learning day by day , slowly but still so my opinion that i believe is the humanity will live and peace will stay,just let’s not lose our hopes.

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