Importance of Gaining Marketing Skills in Business for Young People with Fewer Opportunities

by Alım YILMAZ

Improving business skills is a necessity for those who pursue a career in the competitive, challenging and progressing business life of today. That’s why our youth with fewer opportunities should be given a chance to discover their skills and an opportunity to decide which of the business field is fit into their pursuits. Of course, all of the fields of business are essential and indispensable. However, it should not be forgotten that marketing in a business plays a critical role, even so marketing skills are lacked in many cases. As Cheverton mentions in his book: “The role of marketing in guiding and directing business strategy is vital and fundamental one, yet for many companies is still their ‘weak link’ All too often marketing is seen as the proportional arm of an organization rather than the function that informs all other functions what their contribution should be creating customer value.”(Peter Cheverton X).Thus the function of marketing and its effects are broad and should be given importance.

It is crystal clear that companies and organizations are in need of qualified marketing specialists and each day this need is accelerating. Therefore, in the labour market there will be demand for those qualified people. At this point, having young people educated in the marketing field is a promising investment both for the society and for those youths themselves. Especially if they face limited opportunities due to various reasons, they should be supported in order to introduce them to business and society. If they become educated in marketing process, it will be valuable for their business life. “The marketing process will stop us making decisions based on inadequate knowledge- the result of insufficient questioning.” (Peter Cheverton 31). A better understanding of importance of marketing skills, and application of effective marketing strategies yield increase in sales and quality of the goods and services, wellbeing of customers, effective prospective plans, profitability, and so on. Those who have this understanding and command in application tend to be successful and fruitful in their career.

Thence, the place that marketing has in the business world cannot be ignored and demand is for the ones who is capable of marketing skills. Therefore, in order to be productive and successful; and have an agreeable career in business life; it is important to be competent in marketing skills. It is much more of significance for young people with few opportunities since it can enable them to eliminate the obstacles and gain advantages.

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