Internet and Entrepreneurship

by İsa Emre GÜLTEKİN

Young people may not be able to improve themselves for a number of reasons and may not be able to participate in society’s lives. Reasons for this: the country and city where they live may also be economic, health problems, poor quality education or public pressure. Although these young people are behind of society, it is possible to catch or even pass society in some ways. The most efficient way to achieve this is entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the passing of a business idea into the life and a professional concentration on it. Nowadays, when we think of young people with fewer opportunities, the first thing that comes to mind is internet entrepreneurship. Internet entrepreneurship; is defined as creating economic activity or social benefit in ways that can not exist without the Internet except for the main business areas of new or existing institutions that take risks and develop creative or innovative solutions and combine them with good governance. Internet entrepreneurship has a number of important differences: low initial capital requirements, low operating costs and access to large markets. The Internet entrepreneur has the opportunity to deliver own opinion a wider audience with lower cost Because the Internet can also be performed online without being connected to any location; people with disabilities or people in the countryside can also use the work force in the enterprise. In this way, regardless of where the person,if person has an internet they can work online and contribute to employment. The “open” nature of the Internet, creates an equal opportunity for entrepreneurship for people from all walks of life. At first the internet was thought of as a library. A data center where you can get the information you need to enter. As the Internet becomes more widespread, the areas become more useful. Now we can shop by internet, we can get social circles thanks to social media, and we can get instant free information even for the information that specialization needs. In this way, young people now have the opportunity to have the necessary personal skills.

The increase in internet entrepreneurship also benefits society in terms of social, economic and employment. Internet entrepreneurship has contributed positively to the employment of new sectors and fields, contrary to those who say that computers will take jobs out of their hands and cause sectoral unemployment. Thanks to Internet entrepreneurship, subsidiaries such as logistics, warehousing, call centers and cargo companies have also been able to grow.

There are also some platforms available for young people, free or at very low cost, where they can get information and ideas about entrepreneurship and at the same time gain the necessary skills in this process. Here are some of them: by Middle East Technical University, also certifying)
Google digital workshop (also certifying)
Youtube videoegitim channel (soon training will be English)
Khan Academy
Coursera (certifying)
Ankara University Open Course Materials
Distance education faculty

Hope that in the future such sites will grow and bring young people to the world
of entrepreneurship

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