Here is the project which placed in Toulouse, France! We were 6 countries. From different countries and different cultures. It was Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Turkey and France. We were 2 people who represent Turkey. It was a perfect experience that we have before. We learnt a lot but also had fun a lot.

The topic was media and intercultural approaches as you can see. Our topic lecturer was so effective and was a knowledgeable person. We learned a lot. Not only theoretical but also practical. We did use some applications and applied the information that we learned. And she was always there when we need help!

We were starting the lectures with energizer every day outside. It was the best way to start a day. Every day we were doing different energizer and it was so much fun! It wasn’t just a game because it was also teaching us a lot. I mean in some energizer you needed to be fast, maybe in the other one you need to work with a pair. That was how our mornings start. Then we were learning about our topics. But was always happen with discussion part. First, our trainer gave us information and let us talk about the topic. It was so nice because we had a moment to tell about our opinions. The important part is to know how different cultures think. Sometimes it would be really different than your opinion. And we are trying to understand and respect each other that moment.  

We had a national night in this project. Every nation shows and made us taste special foods and dishes. (Yes, some of them even cooked!) Also we as a Turkish team, we brought some Turkish foods such as ayran, kurabiye, leblebi, pişmaniye, cevizli sucuk  and so on… To represent our country as best as possible. And everybody was so glad about Turkish tastes.

We also had spare time. So we decided to go Carcassone which is close to Toulouse. It was really nice to visit there and there was an old castle in Carcassone. It was a huge and well-protected castle. We visited there with all project group and spent time as effective as possible. Even if we couldn’t find the exit it was quite good J

Endings are always the saddest part. At the end of the project, we got our youth-passes with ceremony and we had a meal together in a room and said good-bye to our coordinator in Toulouse. Then we spent some-time together with our international friends and promised to see each other as soon as possible!

It was a perfect project and I met with a lot of people which I will always keep in touch with. I am still talking with them. Soon some of them will come to Antalya for another project and I will meet them again! It is so nice to keep the communication going and to experienced that good moments! Thanks to Anka Youth Association for that opportunity!


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