My Erasmus+ Training Course Experience”Turn Youth Online”

by Kübra Ekinsu Akçil

Hello everyone, my name is Kübra Ekinsu Akçil. I am a senior year environmental engineering student in METU. Thanks to Anka Project Team & Argus Technology, I had a chance to participate in the Erasmus+ Turn Youth ONline training course in Nea Makri, Greece. This training course took place with the participation of 9 different countries such as Turkey, Greece, Germany, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania and France between the date of 16-24 January of 2020. The main topic was about how to enhance use of digital technology and media among the young with informal and non-formal learning to help the youth about creating digital content and shaping the digital world of the future. Based on this content, we had some discussions, workshops, team works and games. Since in this project we all have different cultures and knowledge, we shared our experiences with each other, we talked, we played and we learned together. Coconutwork, which is the coordinator of this project, did everything enjoyable and beneficial for the participants. Gabriel Brezoiu, a real trainer, gave the suitable information about digital education. He created such an amazing platform to share our ideas with each other. Concepts such as e-participation, e-governance, e-decision making, social media, fake news, digital addiction, laws and regulations about youth were discussed in detail. Everyone had different approach to enhance the e-participation of youth. In my opinion, the most beneficial one was the workshops lead by the participants because in this way, we had a chance to join whichever we want and to improve our digital skills. Besides the training, we made really strong friendships during the project. Both coordinators and participants were quite insightful and friendly. Although we all grew up in different cultures, in different environments, we were able to spend time together easily and know each other very well. I would like to thank Anka Project Team, Argus Technology, Coconutwork and my all friends for this opportunity. I really enjoyed being there and I recommend people to join Erasmus+ projects at least once in their life, since they can find an opportunity to open themselves to others and gain professional and personal skills.


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