Open Call for Participants: Erasmus+ Training Course “Media and Intercultural Approaches”

Arrival day:19.10.2020
Departure day:27.10.2020
Project type:Erasmus+, TC
Venue:Toulouse, France
Participants:2 participants (18+)
Sending organisation:Anka Youth Association, Turkey,
Certification:Youthpass, recognized at European level

Project Description

The media are mediation devices invested in local logic and international exchanges; they then produce new conditions for intercultural interaction that challenge us.

Cultural references determine our identity and the way we construct reality, they influence our perception of ourselves, on the way we meet the other and on the modalities of our interaction with the world. The media exert a great influence not  only on what we think but also on the the way we act. Globalization is not just an economic and technological process. The increased interaction between peoples, the free flow of information and cultural interdependence are also consequences of this globalization.  Communicating  across  cultural  differences  is  one  of  the  crucial challenges of the contemporary world. The media have therefore a real mediating role to  play  in  encouraging  global  awareness.  However,  like  our  partners,  we  have observed an evolution in interactions with young people in the workplace youth. In fact,  it  becomes  very  complicated  to  lead  sessions  without  a  young  person being tempted to take out his cell phone and surf the Internet. In addition, we found that they had  new  sources  of  information  that  they  were  shared  very  quickly  (e.g. twitter, facebook) and which fed their conversations without always having dug the topic. So we felt the need to use digital as well to make our work more interactive and adapted to the lifestyles of our audiences by drawing on this tool for socialization, creativity and wealth information but also, on the other hand, to enable young people to use it in a critical and informed manner.

 Countries involved

France, Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Turkey

 Working language

The working languages of the Training Course will be French and English. A translator and interpreter will be available during the entire duration of the project.

 Participation in the Training Course and the workshops

All the participants are expected to participate fully in all activities, unless you are ill. Unauthorized absence from activities and workshops is not permitted.

The workshops are done and run, so that all the participants will be able to share their point of view. We expect you to be very participative and involved in the Youth Exchange and with the subject.

If less than 80% of the program is attended, it will not be possible to be reimbursed for the international travel costs.

The workshops are done by groups, depending on theme of the workshop, the groups can be mixed or not.

We film and photograph all the activities and workshops. These images are for the own use of Coeur d’Afrique et d’Ailleurs association. If you have any problem with it, don’t hesitate to tell us, and we will manage to not film or photograph you.

 What to bring with you

For the Training Course, we kindly ask you to prepare in advance these 3 events:

  1.  The presentation of your organization. We demand you to bring clear information about the main activities of your organization, so that you can present it at the organi- zation gallery during the training course.
  2.  The cultural evening. Each country group will have to organize a cultural evening, where you will have to present some elements of your culture, in any way you want (sketch, songs, presentation, game, map, posters, and postcards about your country/re- gion/town…). You can use PowerPoint or any other visual medium for your presenta- tion, you are totally free!
  3.  The international coffee. This event is a special moment of the Training Course, we will discover each country by some gastronomic specialties (food and/or drinks). You are free to do whatever you want. You can cook a traditional meal such as a starter, a main meal, or a dessert, or you can bring some traditional delights.

You also need to bring:

  • Laptop
  • Personal hygienic kit and towel set
  • medicine that you usually take
  • Your artistic skills! Any talent that you can share with us, which you definitely will need during creativity workshops.


Early arrivals (1 or 2 days before the beginning of the project), or late departures (1 or 2 days after the project) will be the own responsibility of the participants. So all the participants have to be at the Training Course location on the first day morning, and left it on the last day dur- ing the day.

So, if you want to stay few days longer, before or after the Training Course, we will not be able to host you at the Youth Exchange location. So, you will have to find a place to stay at your own, and all your cost during these days will be yours to pay. If you have difficulties with it, contact us, we can give you some information.

Project Timeline:

  • Apply here.
  • September 2020 – the  participants will be required to arrange their travel, with ANKA’s support;
  • 19th  of October- 27th of October 2020 – the TC takes place;
  • Within 7 days after the TC, assuring project visibility and dissemination of results according to;

Financial Details:

The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

  • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs, materials.
  • Transport costs up to 360 EUR per participant (Note: the reimbursement will be done after the project by bank transfer).

Please note that ANKA is not charging a participation fee for this project.

Participants will be required to cover:

  • (if needed) medical insurance;
  • (if needed) any other personal costs.

What to bring, what to prepare:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, any medicine you think you will need;
  • Prepare to present your organization at a professional level.
  • Prepare to present local culture and traditions;
  • Please bring traditional food and drinks for the intercultural evening.

Other important information:

  • In order to start their travel, Turkish participants should own a valid passport and visa; if needed, visa costs will be covered.
  • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants.;
  • In order to be eligible, Turkish participants should start their travel from Turkey.
  • The selected participants will need to assure the visibility & dissemination of results for this project:;

For more information, contact us at info@ankayouthngo.orgsubject: Media Project – Questions”

Important Notice: Due to Covid19 Pandemic, all precautions will be taken into consideration. Also, participant selections could proceed with respect to pandemic travel regulations. In the case of any change for the project, further announcements will be made by Anka Youth Association.


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