Participant Call For “Inclusion by Art” Erasmus+ Training Course

Key Action 1: Training Course
Project name: Promote Inclusion by Art
Project date: 16th of July – 24th of July, 2019
Number of participants: 2 youth worker per country
Age limit: 18+
*Up to 360 Euros will be reimbursed for travel costs after the project. Accommodation, food, as well as activity costs will be covered from the project budget.

In Europe, inequalities persist among young people with an immigrant background, who are often discriminated
against and stereotyped negatively by the media.
The international meeting “Promote inclusion by art” aims to convey a positive and rewarding image of young
people from minorities and immigration by highlighting how youth projects can give young people the means to
see cultural diversity as an asset and migration as an opportunity.
The main objective of this training is to develop the skills of European organizations and informal groups by
facilitating the processes of prevention of discrimination, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.
General objectives:
• To share perspectives on migration phenomena according to the different European contexts and the different
ways of valuing them as opportunities for development within diversity.
• To develop the quality and variety of art-based tools and methodologies in the field of intercultural dialogue,
anti-discrimination, migrant inclusion and peacebuilding processes, to encourage organizations to young people
and informal groups to create and use them.
• Create a network of organizations that will cooperate in the long term and become a resource for other
organizations across Europe.

Application form:

Deadline for applications: 21.05.2019

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