Participant Call for “New Approaches to Youth Employability” Erasmus+ Training Course

Key Action 1: Training Course
Project name: New Approaches to Youth Employability
Project date: 24th of June – 2nd of July, 2019
Participating countries: France, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Estonia and Turkey
Number of participants: 2 youth worker per country
Age limit: 18+
*Up to 360 Euros will be reimbursed for travel costs. Accommodation, food, as well as activity costs will be covered from the project budget.

“New Approaches to Youth Employability” is an Erasmus + training course designed for active youth leaders
who aim to empower youth employment and skills development to improve career guidance for young people
through non-formal education. This training explores the theme of employability with the objectives of
strengthening and expanding the capacity of youth workers to support young people, their entrepreneurship and
their employability.
Current EU youth employment policy frameworks revolve around the 2020 readiness discussions, “New Skills
for New Jobs” and “Smart Growth”.
Created in September 2010, “Youth on the Move” is the last major initiative of the European Commission in the
field of youth policy. It is one of the seven “development projects” of Europe 2020, the EU’s growth strategy for
the next decade. The approach is articulated around three axes of action:
1) Improve the education and training of young people to improve the employment prospects of those who are
unsuccessful in the labor market
2) Facilitating mobility for studies and work
3) Provide a new framework to combat youth unemployment
The program promotes:
– Non-formal learning
– Awareness of opportunities to study abroad
– Entrepreneurship: As part of this initiative, a micro-finance center will provide support to help young
The training course will bring together 23 participants from 8 organizations from 24 June to 02 July 2019
in Cognac – FRANCE.

The specific objectives of the training are:
– Identify the talents of young people and help them to exploit them so as to reinforce attitudes, skills and
opportunities at the same time;
– Better understand how to create cooperation and actions to strengthen the youth scenario through non-formal
education and to motivate an autonomous learning process;
– Allow youth leaders to gain experience in a specific sector for young people in transformation who need
solutions to avoid their poverty;
– Show the relevance of finding innovative methods and tools to support and help young people by using a
comprehensive approach to overcome the obstacles caused by the high unemployment rate in Europe;
– To offer more qualitative opportunities for cooperation and innovative and future projects under the Erasmus +
– Reflect and exchange views on unemployment and entrepreneurship of young people with fewer opportunities
in different European countries (trends and influencing factors, target group specifications, priorities, etc.).
– Discuss how youth work and non-formal education can have a positive influence on improving the
employability and employment of young people and share examples of good practices in entrepreneurship and
employment fighting against youth unemployment.

Deadline for applications: 14.05.2019

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