Problems in Business Life of Young People with Fewer Opportunities


Business has an important place in human life. Factors and negativities which are related to the business have been identified with the researches that cause physiological, psychological pressure and destruction on the employees and affect their health and achievement negatively.

Everyone is in trouble in business life, but these situations are more visible in young people who grow with limited opportunities. When we look at young people with limited opportunities, we see lack of self-confidence in these young people. They do not find their personal development as adequate as other people because they have grown up with limited opportunities. As a result of this situation, these youths have the problem of adaptation. Other people are different from them. While other people know what we do not know, do what we do not do, see things what we do not see, this situation leads to the problem of adaptation for them. This is the most visible problem in business life for young people who are growing up with limited opportunities. Limited opportunities can be called a kind of lack. Culture, art, sports, politics, history etc. your access to such topics can be difficult, in which case you are aware of the knowledge between they and other people. After having grown up with limited opportunities, a new time starts with business life. The other problem is that they have a new life, there are more possibilities with business life. They have difficulties in using the facilities because they were deprived of these possibilities. In fact, this is the case of an adaptation problem. Most of the problems are related to adapt. If we look carefully at previous situations, we find that there is an adaptation problem on the basis of all of them. If we need to explain this in a better way, depriving oneself of something or having a limited life can lead to big differences between people. Of course, we exist with differences, however; such large differences bring strength to understand in the first instance.

To sum up, young people who are growing up with limited opportunities have certain problems in their business life. There are lack of self-confidence, adaptation problems and other problems that lead to this.

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