#SUSTAIN Project Successfully Finalized

We are happy to announce that our project titled #SUSTAIN has been finalized successfully. As a part of the TEAM4TEAM Project organized in partnership with ALDA and MEDAR! The TEAM4TEAM, which stands for Turkish-European Active Movements for Training, Exchange, Action and Mobility project is a Civil Society Exchange project that aims to support exchange between civil society in Turkey and Europe on media and active citizenship. In the first phase of the project, which was divided into 3 main phases throughout the year, our project coordinator, representing the Anka Youth Association, participated in the online school consisting of 8 modules in May-June. In the 6-month change process that started after the online school, a non-governmental organization from Turkey and Europe will implement the Civil Society Change Project, which they wrote jointly. In this context, our Exchange Project titled #SUSTAIN on sustainable development, citizen participation, and climate change, which we prepared with the K-Evolution Association from Portugal was accepted. We are happy to work with our Portuguese partner in this Exchange Program that lasts until January 2022. Inside the project, there have been three different virtual English Speaking Club Activities conducted in the topics of:

-Sustainable Development Goals

-Climate Change

-Active Citizenship

The TEAM4TEAM Project will conclude with the Spring School to be held in February/March 2022 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Stay tuned for the activities we will do within the scope of the project! The project has ALDA and MEDAR as main partners, Bilgi University and MitOst as managers, and finally the Civil Society Exchange and Mercator Stiftung as the donors.

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