Furkan’ın Yunanistan Proje Deneyimi: Youth Agrihacking Talent Youth Exchange

Furkan Karaca

Hi there, I’m Furkan. Thanks to ANKA I was able to participate in this beautiful project in Nea Kallikratia/Greece.  We had the opportunity to get to know each other and break the ice on the first day of the Youth Exchange. First, we were given an overview of the project and the location. Then, because the weather was nice, we played some name games and our Turkish team planned outdoor team building activities at Nea Kallikratia’s amphitheater. After lunch, the Moldavian team presented an alternative method for determining our project expectations, worries, and contributions. We were separated into six groups, each of which was responsible for taking a group photo for each category (expectation, fear, contribution). When all of the groups got their photos, they gathered on the beach and described the meaning of each one individually. Following that, we returned to the hotel and agreed on the project’s guidelines. We had free time at night to socialize and explore the Greek nightlife. The exchange’s second day (Saturday) featured a range of fun activities that helped to break the ice amongst the participants. The Moldavian team gave a presentation at the start of the day regarding their country’s issues in the agricultural sector (petroleum price, climate change , Russian embargo). It was an excellent opportunity to learn about a country. The following activity was the most daring. The group was divided into six teams, each of which had 30 minutes to trade a pen for the most valuable object they could find. The end outcome was extremely stunning, and everyone had a good time during the process. In the afternoon, each country discussed the most remarkable success story in the agriculture industry that they are aware of. The day came to a close in a calm and enjoyable manner. We gave presentations on our country, including general facts, food, and dance, as Turkey and Ukraine.

On the third day, we started without electricity. We assumed the lightbulb had blown out. In the first energizer, Christos and I used our minds and retained our cards. We enticed young people to move to rural areas by advertising the benefits of living and working in agriculture. The next day, we made the decision to relocate to a village. Even vegetarians turned predators because to the deliciousness of the BBQ. The food was cooked by Adonis Christos and the Italians. A fantastic BBQ was capped off with a game of counting how many phones were on the table (it was a matter of perspective). After that, we conducted a Startup Generator workshop where we brainstormed ideas for new firms that will innovate agriculture and improve society’s well-being. That will definitely transform the way we see agriculture and the environment we live in.

The event culminated with an intercultural night displaying Moldovan wine and traditional music and dances performed by the participants, bringing Romania back to its former glory.

The group took a trip to Thessaloniki on Monday to explore the city! We began by seeing the wonderful vista from Eptapyrgio (Thessaloniki’s Acropolis). After that, we split off into different groups; some went to the Thessaloniki Archeological Museum, while others decided to learn about local culinary by enjoying exquisite fish and Trigona meals. The umbrellas were one of the most popular spots, and we took a lot of amazing photos there! By the end of the day, we had all seen the White Tower, walked down the seafront, and spent precious time together getting to know each other better!

The Scavenger Hunt game organized by the Ukrainian group kicked off day 6 of the “Youth AgriHacking Talent” project. The hunt was well-organized, educational, and challenged the participants to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. The game consisted of several activities with the unifying purpose of utilizing and evolving all previously acquired knowledge.

The day continued with the Greek team’s “How to Succeed in Agriculture” workshop. Its main goal was to improve the participants’ entrepreneurship abilities while also providing them with agricultural education and allowing them to express their creativity. Patience, inventiveness, hard work, team spirit, and knowledge were the primary abilities we worked on. The booklet that was created as a result of the project was completed as the final activity. International teams worked tirelessly to create a booklet that will represent the project’s goals and depict the participants’ progress. The day came to an end with the Italian and Macedonian groups hosting the last cultural event. It was a night of learning new things, dancing, singing, and sampling local cuisine.

Overall it was a beautiful experience with mesmerizing moments. Thank you everyone who participated and made this possible.

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